Nanjing Aileen Trading CO.,Ltd Our brand ��Aileen��  for musical instruments and brand ��Winzz�� for guitar has been registered in the EU and USA for many years.

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Our Brands

           Aileen Music Co., Ltd. is a professional musical instruments supplier. We offer three unique brands for our wide range of music instruments: Aileen, Winzz and Lexington. Each one specializes in a different style of instruments, with focused expertise in their specific area.
          Ms. Aileen Gu- the founder of Aileen Music,started her musical instruments business in 1993 and in 2005 Nanjing Aileen Trading Co., Ltd was founded. So far, Aileen Music has broadened its experience in musical instruments dealing, and increased its scale continuously. Furthermore, Aileen Music has put a lot of efforts and resources on instrument development and innovation. We have got five design patents and utility model patents on musical instruments. Nowadays, Aileen Music becomes one of the largest and professional exporters and wholesalers of musical instruments and accessories from China to overseas.
        "Aileen" trademark has been registered in United States Patent and Trademark Office (Reg.No. 3109527) and International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organozation (WIPO) (International Registration No. 849076) in musical instruments field. It will be protected by law in the USA and the EU market.
        Also, “ Winzz ” will be our new trademark specially for high end musical instruments. It will be particularly designed and made to match musician’s taste and requir.