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Solidwood Student Double Bass(BG103) BG103

  • Solidwood Student Double Bass(BG103)
  • Solidwood Student Double Bass(BG103)
  • Solidwood Student Double Bass(BG103)
Item Code:BG103 Features:- Fully hand carved from solid tonewoods
  • Description


1. Fully hand carved from solid tonewoods, good sound.
2. Ideal entry-level contrabass for stundents, good set up
3. Carved solid spruce top, carved solid maple back & sides
4. Ebony fingerboard
5. Ebony tailpiece
6. This outfit includes student bow, soft bag, bridge& strings
7. Student wood bow with natural horsehair and ebony frog
8. Extra Well-padded carrying bag
9. Size available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2,1/4, 1/8
1. Double bass Color: attractive shaded satin varnish
2. Minimum order: 8pcs
3. Model LG103: student viola
Model VG103: student violin
Model CG103: student cello
Package : 1pc each carton

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