Nanjing Aileen Trading CO.,Ltd Our brand ��Aileen��  for musical instruments and brand ��Winzz�� for guitar has been registered in the EU and USA for many years.

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Advanced wholesales OIL VARNISH Ebony violin (VH200VA) VH200VA

  • Advanced wholesales OIL VARNISH Ebony violin (VH200VA)
  • Advanced wholesales OIL VARNISH Ebony violin (VH200VA)
  • Advanced wholesales OIL VARNISH Ebony violin (VH200VA)
  • Advanced wholesales OIL VARNISH Ebony violin (VH200VA)
Item Code:VH200VA Features:- High standard at a reasonable price
  • Description

Advanced wholesales OIL VARNISH Ebony violin (VH200VA)


-Advanced violin


-Ebony parts

-without case/bow

Company Information


1)  Who we are

- AILEEN MUSIC CO., LTD., is registered under Chinese Corporation Law and has been granted import and export license.

- "Aileen" trademark has been registered in United States Patent and Trademark Office (Reg.No. 3109527) and International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) (International Registration No. 849076) in the field of musical instruments. It is protected by law in the USA and the EU market.

- We export stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, contrabass), bows, stringed accessories, case and bags, guitars, brass-wind and woodwind instruments, and other musical instruments from China to oversea markets... 

2) Our Mission

- Our mission is to provide development opportunities for all musical instrument dealers through our customized service and competitive products.

- We are among the best musical instruments providers in China's musical industry. 

3) Why You Should Deal With Us

- We provide personalized service to you.

- We can make you have a one-step purchase of various musical instruments which are made by the experienced Chinese craftsmen.

- The quality of products is guaranteed by our unique quality control system.

- We can extend your choice of suppliers, for we have established close relationship with many of the leading manufacturers in China.

- We can give you a guarantee on high quality, in-time delivery and payment and excellent after-sales service.